National Pension Scheme

National Pension Scheme is a voluntary retirement savings plan suitable for long-term wealth creation. After the scrapping of the traditional pension in 2004, NPS acts as a great way to secure your retirement.
NPS invests in a mix of Equity, corporate debt, government securities, and alternate investment funds.
It is regulated by the government of India and handled by fund managers. NPS forms a part of section 80C and helps in tax saving.
We at Ashvvy Investment help you choose the best NPS schemes to benefit from long-term wealth creation and tax saving.
  • Low Cost

    Annual fee on investment less than 0.09%.

  • Tax Saving

    NPS comes under section 80C of IT act wherein you can save upto 2lacs p.a.

  • Flexible

    Start with Just Rs.1000 p.a and easily port to another account when changing jobs and location.

How to Choose the National Pension Scheme ?

With so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to choose what is best for you. Moreover, what works for someone else might not work for your unique life goals. This is where we come in. Let’s have a look at the customer’s journey at Ashvvy

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Step 2: Complete KYC

Our certified financial planners will get in touch with you and get a KYC done

Step 3: Plan with Us

We will fix a meeting to understand your financial journey and plan your portfolio

Step 4: Updates on Ashvvy App

Check your progress and all other updates from the Ashvvy app easily from home

Step 5: Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the investmneet limit in NPS?

There are two types of accounts in NPS, tier I and tier II, combined one can invest upto 2lac p.a.

Is investment in NPS different for salaried individuals and business owners?

Salaried individuals can invest upto 10% of basic salary by self (upto 1.5L) and 10% of salary by employer (upto 7.5L). Businessowners can invest 20% of gross annual annual (upto 1.5L).

How to withdraw from NPS?

There are 4 types of withdrawals from NPS a/s

  1. Withdrawal on maturity (at 60yrs of age)- upto 60%of corpus can be withdrawal tax-free, 40% must be invested in annuity for monthly pension if the corpus amount does not exceed Rs.5L.
  2. Exit on Death – 100% amount of NPS is paid to be nominee/legal hier without having to invest in any annuity.
  3. Pre-mature Exit – allowed after 5 years, can withdraw 205 of corpus tax-free, 805 must be invested for future annuities.
  4. Partial withdrawal – upto 25% of deposits can be withdrawal thrice in the entire span of the NPS scheme. 1st withdrawal can be exercised 3 years after opening the account.

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